So as you know I have a son, charlie and I was recently sorting through his clothing (0-12m). With doing this I found that I had a hidden addiction, buying him clothes. I had so many stored away (Reluctantly wanting them to go) that I didn’t actually realise I had gathered so many items of clothing! Now I know what you are thinking, ‘you have a children’s/babies clothing e-Commerce, you are bound to spend a lot on him’ Well yes this is true but when I look on local selling groups on social media, I find that everyone else is also selling LARGE bundles of clothing!

So why do we always find ourselves buying more and more clothing when we know they either have enough or we don’t have the finances to buy them?

For me personally I just love to see charlie in scrumptious clothes 🙂 It brings me joy to see him in clothes that suit him and bring out his personality.

Whilst sorting through his clothes I actually found myself getting upset due to having to let go of them. Most of them I can remember events that we did whilst he was wearing them. I know I know, this may seem silly and over emotional but that is what we do. We attach memories to everyday items and this in turn makes it a keepsake. I have now had to make a new rule for myself. Keep sake clothes are to be kept in a memory box. I cannot change the memory box (size) but I cannot overfill or have a second box! (This is what I have resorted to doing to keep my house not rammed with children’s clothing in every room haha!)

So I have come to find with this blog and thinking about it deeply that there is no actual right or wrong answer. It is what YOU think is best for you 🙂

Whether you buy clothes just for that, they are clothes and they serve a purpose so only buy what is necessary. You buy clothes because they would really suit the little one or if you are like me and can’t not buy anything with a giraffe on it, then 3/4 of the wardrobe is giraffe or you simply buy what you can afford. There is no right or wrong 🙂 Just opinions.

So my next question is WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Comment with your opinions. You can never buy too many clothes? Only buy what your budget allows? 🙂 let me know what you think.


High end low cost eCommerce Children's clothing

So you have a special occasion coming up? and it is coming up fast?

I have been through this often, you have yourself sorted but you don’t know what to get for your little one. Or even worse you know exactly what you want or have an idea of what you want your little one to dress up in but you just can’t find it online or on the high street?

Well at JustGiraffe we offer a bespoke service. You give us ideas, pictures or a description of what you want and we sift through our suppliers for you ! taking it all off your shoulders and letting you have time to relax and enjoy your day ! We will know within a few days if we can find anything that fits your descriptions and ideas. We will also offer alternative which you may not have thought of !

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Charlie in a very cute outfit for a photo shoot